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The hybrid workplace of the future powered by Aruba ESP

Did you miss our latest webinar about the hybrid workplace of the future? Rewatch the webinar now and discover the benefits of Aruba ESP, supplemented with examples from day-to-day practice.

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Why Your Hybrid Workplace Should Be Powered by Aruba ESP

In this blog Xavier van Cutsem, Sales Manager at System Solutions, explains how Aruba ESP can help you harness the power of the Edge to accelerate change and to tackle new ways of working.

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Discover how IT decision-makers are responding to COVID-19

As enterprises look towards the challenges of a post-pandemic world, one thing is widely acknowledged. Aruba conducted a survey of 2,400 ITDMs (IT decision-makers) to find out how they are adjusting their investment plans and priorities. The report seeks to provide a snapshot of how IT departments have been affected by the pandemic, the nature of their response, and how that will shape investment priorities in the coming 24 months.

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Pour un centre de données plus flexible

Gérer un centre de données traditionnel est de plus en plus complexe. Avec des applications réparties sur un large éventail de plateformes, des utilisateurs situés dans des endroits très différents et des exigences opérationnelles complexes, la flexibilité n’a jamais été aussi importante, ce qui ne facilite pas la tâche de l’administrateur système ou de l’architecte IT. Les délais de commercialisation de nouvelles applications et solutions n’ont jamais été aussi courts, les exigences en matière de disponibilité sont de plus en plus grandes et le coût total de fonctionnement est scruté de près. La principale question est donc : comment répondre à toutes ces attentes ? Découvrez comment repousser les limites de votre infrastructure IT et créez un environnement agile et futureproof.

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Public cloud, private cloud or on-premises: why choose?

Today, many organizations are starting to make the move to the cloud. But they are often stuck with fundamental questions: What workloads are best suited for the cloud? How do I keep my cost under control? And how do I manage data on different platforms: on-premises and in the public cloud? Discover how to achieve flexibility and control without financial surprises.

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Object Storage : du mythe à la réalité

Avez-vous raté notre webinaire sur le stockage objet (object-based storage) le 4 février ? Ou vous souhaitez le revoir ? Vous pouvez compter sur nous ! Vous pouvez voir ou revoir la version enregistrée du webinaire qui a eu lieu en collaboration avec Scality et HPE. Pendant le webinaire, vous découvrirez notre vision sur l’évolutivité, l’analyse des données, la récupération plus rapide et l’optimisation des ressources. Grâce à sa nature d’évolutivité horizontale, le stockage objet sera la solution la plus intéressante pour stocker toutes vos données.

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Get to know System Solutions better

In what way do we help our customers? And how do we differentiate from other IT providers? Watch the video and discover everything you’ve always wanted to know about System Solutions. PS: did you know that System Solutions already has been around for 25 years?

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There’s no application without infrastructure

Recently, System Solutions added Nutanix to the product portfolio. Time to have a talk with General Manager of System Solutions Belgium Jean-Paul de Cannière and Infrastructure Architect Nicolas Dassy about cloud readiness, the modern needs of the customer and our experience with this solution so far.

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External and internal security: how to strike the perfect balance.

Remember the botnet Mirai, first found in 2016? Mirai scans the internet for the IP address of IoT devices. The botnet installs itself on these vulnerable IoT devices and then carries out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. It resulted in several high-profile websites such as Twitter, Reddit, Netflix and Airbnb not being accessible.

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Solving the IT dilemma: what to do with public cloud, private cloud and on-premises?

If you’re struggling to manage data and workloads in the public cloud, private cloud and on-premises, know this: you are not alone. So here are some pro tips on data management in hybrid environments.

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5 things that are often overlooked when securing a network.

Keeping a network secure is a daunting task, and very often some essential best practices are neglected.

Our experts lays his finger on the sore spot.

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