Discover how IT decision-makers are responding to COVID-19

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As enterprises look towards the challenges of a post-pandemic world, one thing is widely acknowledged. The return to work will not mean a return to normal. Instead, we are moving towards a hybrid workplace – one where people will work in and move between a combination of locations, at home, on the road, and in traditional offices.
Aruba conducted a survey of 2,400 ITDMs (IT decision-makers) to find out how they are adjusting their investment plans and priorities. The report seeks to provide a snapshot of how IT departments have been affected by the pandemic, the nature of their response, and how that will shape investment priorities in the coming 24 months.


• Discover the exact numbers of the impact of COVID-19 on IT decision-makers
• Learn why AI-based networking technology and Edge compute are interesting investment options
• Acquire information about the adoption of new consumption models and habits