Public cloud, private cloud or on-premises: why choose?

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Cloud is radically changing the way we look at IT-infrastructure. Scalability is now simpler and faster. Unused capacity and dedicated resources are quickly becoming a thing of the past. And the flexible OPEX-cost model is now even finding its way to on-premises systems. But still, very few organizations are choosing to move everything they have to the cloud. Sometimes because they simply can’t (legacy) or are not allowed (licensing), but in most cases, because it’s not the ideal solution for all workloads and all data.

Today, many organizations are starting to make the move to the cloud. But they are often stuck with fundamental questions: What workloads are best suited for the cloud? How do I keep my cost under control? And how do I manage data on different platforms: on-premises and in the public cloud?

Using the advantages of cloud, there where you need them the most, and building a strong on-premises infrastructure for all the rest, that’s the goal. This is what we call hybrid-IT.

But what is the actual appeal of hybrid-IT? How do you manage data in these complex environments? And most importantly: How do you use the full potential of every platform to your advantage?

Discover how to achieve flexibility and control without financial surprises.